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Mortgages for New Immigrants to Canada


Many new immigrants share the same dream of homeownership in Canada but they don’t know they can buy a home in Canada despite having no established credit in this country.


If you obtained a Landed Immigrant status, you are working full-time (3 months minimum) then you can stop renting and purchase your new family home today with as little as 5% down-payment!

If you have been renting for a minimum of one year and a half since your arrival… and you feel that this is the perfect time to establish roots in Canada then I will help you to buy your first home right now.

Let’s say you found your perfect home. It’s close to your job and in friendly family neighborhood, but you have no idea how to qualify for a mortgage?


Well... You need a mortgage professional like myself. I will help you to secure a mortgage through “New to Canada Program”.


This program makes it possible for you to secure a mortgage with as little as 5% down-payment and you can start building your home equity sooner. This program is available up to 5 years after arrival in Canada.

You qualify by investing maximum 10% of the purchase price as a down-payment and proof your credit worthiness by showing a strong history of always paying your rent and utility bills (hydro/utilities, telephone, cable, cell phone or auto insurance) over the last year on time.

  • Purchase transactions: 95% LTV
  • Property value ≤ $500,000 = 5% down payment
  • Property value > $500,000 and < $1,000,000 = 5% down payment required up to $500,000, with an additional 10% down payment on the portion of the home value above $500,000
  • Maximum property value must be less than 1,000,000 dollars

With my help, you will be in your new home fast and you will start building home equity rather than paying rent as well as establishing yourself in your community.

“New to Canada Program” opens the door to homeownership for you and your family. It provides you to own your own home sooner and become economically established in Canada.

Now you know your options… ask me how I can help you to realize your dreams of homeownership.


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