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Renewing Your Mortgage


It’s time you get a better mortgage interest rate and slash your payments!


Is your mortgage up for renewal?


Don’t be foolish by renewing your existing mortgage with your current lender before you get a second opinion.

The most common question is… Can I transfer my mortgage to a new mortgage lender and lower my mortgage interest rate and mortgage payments?

So, what are your options?

Can you switch mortgage lenders to lower you mortgage interest rate? My answer is YES! You don’t have to renew your mortgage with the same mortgage lender!

You can choose to move your mortgage to another mortgage lender, if they offer you terms and rates that suites you better.

Will you pay a penalty, if you transfer your mortgage?

There are no fees for simply transferring your mortgage to another mortgage lender, if you switch at renewal time. Otherwise there may be a penalty and discharge fees, but most of the time, it is worth it to pay the penalty, especially, if you can save thousands on your new mortgage. Every situation is unique and therefore don’t be afraid to ask me and/or let me to analyze your situation.

Can I increase my mortgage and consolidate credit card debt or loans?

The answer is YES! When your mortgage is up for renewal and you carry high interest credit cards or loans then why not increase your mortgage, lower your interest rates and enjoy one monthly payment.

Each lender is different, each lender has different guidelines… if you have other debt than I would recommend total refinancing which will save you thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

When I should start thinking about mortgage renewal process?

You should start thinking about 180 days before the maturity of your mortgage. It’s your money on the line and you need some time to explore all your options before you receive your mortgage renewal notice!

Switching your mortgage is not that difficult. It’s easy mortgage transaction… so take care of it today!



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