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Fast Private Lender Mortgage Money at Very Reasonable Interest Rates...


Were you turned down for your bank mortgage?


I can help you to get an approval you if you have sufficient home equity, even if you have been turned down elsewhere and tailor a mortgage to suit your needs and budget.

Private mortgage is ideal solution for borrowers whose credit and income profiles do not fit complex institutional guidelines or property location.

Private mortgage lenders will finance up to 90% of your property value in most cities, towns, rural areas and farms in Ontario and throughout Canada.

They will do first mortgages, second mortgages and third mortgages. For years I have been refinancing homes, helping people to stop power of sales, paying off mortgage and property tax arrears.

With a private mortgage you can use the funds for whatever reason including: 

  • Pay off existing higher rate loans and credit cards
  • Borrow for home improvements or renovations
  • Bring your property taxes up to date and avoid late interest, penalties and potential sale of your property
  • Pay off income tax arrears
  • Pay off mortgage arrears
  • Pay off consumer proposals
  • Pay off judgments
  • Pay off family allowance responsibilities
  • Pay out your spouse’s equity in the event of divorce
  • Pay off creditors
  • Bring mortgage arrears up to date
  • Stop power of sale
  • Stop harassing collection agency calls
  • and more...

I already helped thousands of people just like you to secure the best financing for their situation including hard to place mortgages, alternative mortgages and private mortgages.

I work with dozens of private mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers all over Canada... and I am here to help you to solve your problems today! 

Private mortgage lenders and mortgage corporations finance:

  • Single Family Homes… Attached and Detached
  • Townhouse
  • Apartment Condominium
  • Cottages
  • Waterfront Lot
  • Duplex
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Modular Homes
  • Modular Home Parks
  • Construction Loans
  • Working Farms
  • Hobby Farms
  • Vacant Land
  • Commercial and Industrial Properties
  • Specialty Properties Like Marinas, Lodges, etc.

Private mortgage lenders don’t care much about your credit bureau or credit scores, income or Notice of Assessment. They look at your current property value, listen to your needs and together we will try to solve your problems.



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